Hungrid Virtual Organization

Hungrid VO is the first official Hungarian Virtual Organization of EGI. The aim of this VO is to collect all those users of the Hungarian LCG sites who cannot be registered in any of the other existing and supported VOs thus increasing the number of users and broadening the range of application areas.

Hungrid is open to anyone from the field of Hungarian education and academic life who would like to use the grid infrastructure developed by EGI.

Currently Hungrid joins the grid resources of many national education and/or research institutes (BME, ELTE, MTA WFK RMI, NIIF, MTA SZTAKI) of the Hungarian Grid Competence Centre. Hungrid is the first 24/7 grid service in Hungary. Services like sequential and parallel (mpi) job submission, storage services, information systems and web interface (P-Grade) are available.

You can find more information on the CIC portal and also at the GridGuide site. The slides of the Regional Tier-2 WLCG Workshop held in Vienna on a brief introduction of Hungrid VO can be found here.

As Hungrid is a Hungarian VO providing access to grid resources only for Hungarians, if you are a foreigner, please contact us for futher information.

Institutes supporting Hungrid VO use EGI developed gLite middleware. About our services please see the Services section.